How do I connect the IQC display to my HERU?2021-10-28T09:41:02+00:00

In the Display go to “Service” use the code 1199 and then to “Device pairing”. In “Device pairing”, press “Search for device (40 Sec)” then turn off the power to your unit and turn on the power again to make the unit search for the display.

How do I update the software in my HERU IQC Display and HERU?2021-10-28T09:42:00+00:00

Instructions for updating the software in the IQC Display and HERU can be found on our website: www.ostberg.com/updates

How do I use the HERU IQ App?2021-10-28T09:38:50+00:00

• Make sure that the unit is connected to the internet.
• The unit can be connected directly with an Ethernet CAT 5 / CAT 6 cable to the existing Ethernet port on the unit (the unit does not have built-in WIFI).
• Then download the HERU IQ App from:
• Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/se/app/heru-iq/id1496351345
• Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.ostberg.heruiq&hl=en&gl=USinstructions
• Then follow the instructions in the App

How long is the battery life in my IQC Display?2021-10-28T09:39:28+00:00

IQC Display has 2.5-3 h battery life when not connected to a power source

How often should I change filters in my HERU?2021-10-28T09:40:25+00:00

At least once a year, but it depends on how “dirty” the environment is where you live (for example, if you live next to a field for farming, you may need to change filters more often).

I find that I have an abnormally loud sound from my Air Handling Unit!2021-10-28T09:35:26+00:00

To identify the source of the sound, you can restart the unit with the door open. There are three motors in the unit that start in specific order. First the Rotor engine starts then the Exhaust air engine starts and about 6 minutes later the Supply air engine starts (total start-up time Approx. 15 min)

My unit indicates problems with the heater e.g. overheating!2021-10-28T09:36:10+00:00

An overheating alarm can occur when going from normal operation to “away mode” as the sudden lower flow may not be able to transport away the heat generated by the heater at that time. Check that your filters are not clogged and cause a lower flow over the electric heater.

My unit indicates rotor problems!2021-10-28T09:37:53+00:00

Open the cover of your unit and check that the driving belt is intact

What conditions apply to returns?2021-10-28T09:31:28+00:00

If you wish to return goods to H. Östberg AB, these conditions apply:

Return policy
What is Summer / Night Cooling?2021-10-28T09:33:42+00:00

This function helps you to lower the inside temperature of your house/building and is often used during the summer. As the temperature outside drops during the night and the inside temperature is higher than the outside this function can be activated. The unit will then shift to fan mode “Max” or the pre-set “Boost” mode when the set temperature parameters are met. This will push the colder outside air into the house to reduce the overall inside temperature.

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